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Expansion and Growth Consulting

Expansion and Growth Consulting We focus on ensuring the best return on investments and predictable and quantifiable results in resolving bottlenecks.

Our approach includes systematic identification of issues, collecting relevant data to help informed decision making and guiding with implementable solutions.

As growth advisors we are proficient centered on creating maintainable development for customers. As a development and extension expert, we are proficient planners of development activities for organizations to accomplish more and improve. All in all, we help organizations arrive at their complete development potential. There are four extension techniques that can be utilized to extend the business. 


Market Entrance

Market entrance can be perceived as a methodology to go into another market. It is utilized as a measurement to achieve the level of help an item can catch.

Product Development

Product development normally suggests the total of the stages related to bringing an item from thought to thoroughly considered market release and the sky’s the limit from there. As such, item improvement focuses on the item’s whole excursion.

Market Expansion

Market Expansion is a procedure of extending the market size by zeroing in on various portions of buyers. Market development is typically taken up by the business when they feel the development in the current market is arriving at immersion and for future development it needs to extend the market size.


Diversification is the risk of a leader’s method that mixes a wide arrangement of adventures inside a portfolio. Yield higher long stretch returns and lower the peril of any individual holding or security.

Some Of Our Services Include

Our services are designed for direct and indirect market entry in India. India being a unique market, wherein, pricing and competitive challenges make a huge impact, Pletheon Consulting is able to provide value-added services that are most helpful to clients for gaining momentum in the regional markets as well.