Business Consultant

Our business specialists and counselors have gathered said key factors. The vast majority of them are prepared and experienced supervisors and pioneers. They can understand your plan of action and give focused answers for it. Having gathered the best benchmark speaks for different small and big organizations, they will give viable sources of info that assist the organization with reflecting and making changes when important.

Pletheon’s Consulting reputation comes from its own people. Based upon your interest and need, we will assemble the best and most fitting talents together. As a worldwide consultancy and business advisors, we trust in giving healthy ideas and functional arrangements after the appraisal. Our central goal is to make your business  better and effective.


What we do?

All organizations are presented to interior and outside pressures. The requirement for change, turning out to be better, quicker, worldwide, perceived and beneficial is a continuous circle. Through Pletheon Consulting, we restructure and develop the business of our customers, supporting them to be more beneficial and economical developing



We're ready to share our advice and experience.

We develop the relationships that underpin the next phase in your organization’s growth. We do this by discerning the people and the platforms where interests converge.

GreenField Manufacturing Setup

Setting up a factory from scratch requires foresight, and planning effectively lays the foundation for the future.

Factory Turnaround

Upstarts are disrupting the industries and fundamental shifts in the marketplace, technology.

Process Control & Quality Improvement

Before thinking of inspection and testing methods at the end of the line, the focus should be to operate processes.

Process Innovation

Improving the quality of processes and maintaining acceptable levels of performance quality are critical success factors.

Cost Control

We will assist your management team to define overall goals and KPIs for all staff in the organization.

Quality Management

Expert planning system allows the factory to pull the components, materials, and people that are needed at the right place to meet the demand.