About us

We’re a management consultancy that nurture partnership building.

We are a management consultancy firm having expertise in setting up greenfield projects. We help companies to enter the Indian market and set up their factories from scratch.

We bring more than 25 years of experience working across multiple domains. We offer customized services to our clients and help them to achieve their goals. Our core expertise areas are as below:

Setting up manufacturing plant from scratch
Productivity improvement
Process improvement
New product development
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We position our clients at the forefront of their field by making a successful market entry in India.

We at Pletheon, as the name suggest acting as a One-stop solution from identifying the business opportunities to successful India entry to set up the factory, including setting up of production lines and new product development to Joint Ventures & Hiring.

Pletheon Consulting is a platform for advisory and consultation services for business. 

We offer custom-made consultations for multiple organizations. We prompt on both hierarchical and underlying changes inside a business, just as expert branches of knowledge inside the fields of money and hazard the executives. We likewise support you in taking care of difficulties and enormous scope projects by giving serious preparation and instructing, quality administration, design-related help, for example. 

We offer operational help and supervise projects until the objective is reached, and past, whenever required. Our proposals bring valuable, unmistakable outcomes and can be carried out quickly with or without our help. 

We see our consulting and support services as advantageous and integral for the clients and businesses.

Our Customers True Experiences.