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Manufacturing Plant Setup

Manufacturing Plant Setup, factory in India from scratch requires foresight and getting to effectively lay the inspiration for future. The best opportunities for long-term cost-savings come from optimizing efficiency, productivity, and safety from the very beginning of the operations.

Manufacturing New Plant Setup Factory projects typically range several months. During this point , our engagement managers provide guidance and our technical consultants provide the sort of assistance necessary to succeed in your goals. 

A summary of new plant setup in India:

Incorporation of the Indian entity
Project management of Construction as well Plant & Machinery
Site Selection
Set up of Productive plant with efficient Layout
Installation & Commissioning of Plant machinery including utilities
Establish mass production of factory
Process Development
Hiring & Training
Factory Launch

Industrial plant setup consultant

Some of the major benefits of hiring an Industrial plant setup consultant for your business growth. A business consultant can provide expertise and an objective eye to transform your business.

Incorporation New Identity Merger & Acquisitions Sourcing & Vendor Development
Incorporating Your Company

With various means of entrance to the Indian market, be it limited companies, joint ventures, project, outlets or liaison offices, the selection of the kind of business impacts the scale of functioning and operations. Creating such entities has diverse legal conditions such as Registration with the Registrar of Companies and acquiring a Certificate of Incorporation which play a vital role in new factory setup.

Assistance from management-oriented cadres is desirable for some enterprises with limited competencies. The next step after selecting the firm type is to obtain new factory setup checklist for developing the facility.

Acquiring Land for Your Greenfield Facility

An easy accessibility to the greenfield factory setup for constructing the facility might be impacted by land holdings scattered among extended family members due to diverse claims of authority over the same property which would in turn, lead to obtaining huge acreage rolled over several properties.

Plots reserved for carrying out agriculture have to be authorized for conversion in the use of plot for industrial schemes which would be a tedious process consisting of getting license from the Department of Town and Country and the District Authorities.

A lease purchase might be requisite on behalf of foreign investors due to their inability to acquire Land in India, which implies risking exposure to exorbitant lock-in periods.

Since there are postponements in this process which must be considered when laying out design timelines, acquiring plot leases from Industrial Development Corporations is a harmless substitute for a new plant setup in India Market. A well-built association with intermediaries and aggregators is necessary to get the perks of land banks

Acquiring Legal Sanctions

The possession of reworked clauses in a few business laws at the state level by the Indian government complicates the permit process due to the requirement of meeting several compliance simultaneously, particularly when the Manufacturing Industry is sternly regulated.

Manufacturing Plant Setup in India

Permit documents range from No-Objection-Certificates from the State Pollution Control Board and sanctions by municipalities and local bodies for setting up plan and building action, to procuring marketable control from the district electricity board. In addition, to get some industrial equipment, supplementary credentials are required. An industrial plant setup consultant helps clients to setup in manufacturing plant.

Meeting Tax Compliance

Although Goods and Services Tax (GST) has abridged tax compliance, diverse tax rates on multiple industries and practices are still in practice. Hiring a Chartered Accountant is essential to safeguard the firm in order to prevent facing penalties for inconsistent tax compliance.

Acquiring Resources and Obtaining Capital

To get intensive funding during various stages of project establishment, which may not be fulfilled by foreign firms due to their detailed and slow-paced process, legal permits to get funds from several enterprises and industries from each Ministry of Government Department are required.

The manner in which the firm’s project capital is set up initially, decides the transfer of money out of profits and wages. Getting assistance in meticulous planning from a third-party advisor is recommended in order to successfully execute every step towards project establishment.

Accommodating for Cultural Diversity & Native Market Structures

The inability to buy due to the diversity of cultures, customs, habits, and languages of India could initially perplex a new venture capitalist. Without altering the very motto of the brand, some workplace reforms might be needed, like finding workplace departments that are relatively prolific because of being remote.

Fusing features of various work cultures would help in acquiring an appropriate workplace setting. Firms can be protected against failing labor law protocols by adjusting to local talent with the assistance of local headhunters.

Handling Intellectual Property

Vigilance on right infringements must be ensured by safeguarding IP rights which are transferred from the original Manufacturing Plant Setup to the Indian subordinate or partner.

Resolving Disputes

Given the tedious legal process in India which often results in heavy losses for the company, ensuring that contracts are properly drawn with the appropriate clauses to safeguard the business by Arbitration and Independent Tribunals is the best possible way to resolve industrial disputes without any obstruction.

With the clear need of dealing with complicated regulations in order to lay out your greenfield project, a trustworthy and reliable consulting firm in India is imperative. By assisting in entering the Indian market with ease and success, Pletheon Consulting support in Resolving disputes with the skilled team of proficient accountants and consultants with the expertise garnered over the period of time

Your dreams are our goals. Contact Pletheon Consulting Greenfield Project Setup Consultant today.


With fine experience of working with clientele across diverse sectors including multiple privately, publicly and family held Indian companies, the finesse we’ve achieved has abled us in garnering knowledge about the complexity of performing transaction and affiliating in India. Ensuring contracts, deals and ample business scope is our principal target. Pletheon has flourished in spurring clientele in building and accomplishing assorted and intricate transactions, with a cadre of adept Merger & Acquisition (M&A) professionals. We offers new company setup in India for foreign clients to expand their businesses.

  • Diminished risks - – Over the years we’ve acquired efficiency in tackling post closure complications (reasons why 50% of the contracts fall through, if not dealt properly).
  • Expertise in associating with Indian firms – Given the majority of family owned firms in India, we cater to the significance of building a prolonged engagement and make sure that we have our clients’ back
  • In-bound contracts are a vital hub –Our Consultants have decades of expertise in assisting nonnative firms procure/collaborate with Indian companies, helping firms in getting rid of unfavourable contracts, and from spotting and equipping targets to setting up and fastening deals and assuring complete post contract assimilation.

Run through of our M&A services:


Devising Deals

  • Distinguishing and choosing target
  • Categorization & Sketching of Target
  • Stature & Readiness
  • New factory setup checklist


Structuring & Negotiations

  • Contract planning & Building
  • Contract evaluation & Negotiation
  • Formulation of Term Sheets/Non-Binding bids


Due Diligence & Closing

  • Tackling of Due DIligence Procedure
  • Getting all Administrative & Regulatory Approvals
  • Assistance in formulating Final Legal Contracts


Post-Acquisition Integration

  • Revenue feasibility and sustainability
  • Organization and Recruitment
  • Agreements regarding firms overseas
  • Taxes and Tariffs


If the clientele requires associates to venture into the country, an inspection is required to rule out any possible errors from taking place because one mistake can lead to the deterioration of the brand name followed by financial losses at the drop of a hat. Working beyond the conventional horizon of tender calling in business is of immense importance in order to prevent inaccuracies and can be done by an in-depth research which covers assorted domains and profiles of importance, such as Indian geography(new factory setup checklist), demography, statistics etc.


  • High grade vendor selection procedure
  • Industry oriented substantial networking resulting in swift execution process
  • Expertise in successful channeling operations
  • Research and Statistics on successful and failed outcomes in sourcing
  • Grip over comprehension of design, technological and manufacturing facets across diverse industries


  • Tapering resource and time leverage beyond 60%
  • Impactful utilisation of cost competitiveness of supply base
  • Execution of reliable and high-grade vendor selection process, ruling out selection of unsuitable vendor
  • Audit based assessment of suppliers which is inclusive of ethical and feasible production & manufacturing processes to ensure quality
  • Procuring knowledge and executing suitable practices based on successes and failures in the local market
Incorporation of Indian entity Undertaking M&A/JV activities Identifying operational vendors
We provide turn key services for setting up Green field Project start from zero base to setting up factory and mass production of factory up to service scope of work . Details of our activities for incorporating a  new identity in India.
  • Liasioining with authorities applicable to state as well centre authorities
  • Pre commencement approvals
  • Resolution of authorities
  • Company registration
  • Registration of lease deed of property
  • Industrial IEM No (Part -1)
  • Certificate of incorporation as per company Act
  • Company registration : PAN, TAN, GST , Export , Import
  • Drawing and approvals of layout as per factory acts
  • Government Incentive scheme : subsidy etc
  • Labour Law compliance
  • Factory License
  • RC _CLRA
  • Certificate of stability for factory Chief inspector of factories
  • Certificate of standing order by labour commissioner
  • PF, ESI , Food & Safety License (FSSIA)
  • Registration of Employment Exchange
  • Registration under Apprentice Act
  • Pollution control Board –Consent of establishment
  • Pollution Control Board –Consent to operate
  • Fire Compliance
  • NOC and approval for applicable substances in operations : HSD, Power & Fuel used
  • Post commencement of production
  • IEM Part B
  • Certificate of commencement of Production
  • IMS Certification : ISO 9000,14000,18000,45000,51000

We help our customers to form joint ventures with Indian Companies. We handhold from target identification to deal structuring to post deal integration

  • This could include contract manufacturer, raw material suppliers or service providers (Logistics/3PL Company or outsourced billing/invoicing team), marketing/advertising agencies etc.)
  • Setting up a sales pipeline or establishing their brand.
  • Identifying the right partner and contract signing – with importer-distributors.
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